About Us

We are a Building Systems Technology Provider aimed not only to build better houses for the consumers, but also to be cost efficient for the builders, without sacrificing quality or structural integrity.

Our technology is anchored on the belief that everyone deserves decent, high quality and at the same time affordable homes.

Our Vision

To be the leading building solutions & technology provider for the housing sector. To be able to help build through our system, structurally resilient, quality & world class houses for the Filipino people at the most competitive prices in the fastest way possible.

Our Mission

To design, manufacture, and distribute our system, SKS Steel Framing System, to all clients interested — builders, developers, and even consumers, at the most competitive prices and most efficient delivery schedule

Awards and Recognitions

SKS Steel Framing System

SKS Structural Steel Framing System is a unique framing system made from high tensile steel galvanized or zincalume coil rolls that are formed into our steel framing profiles.

SKS Steel Framing is perfect for mass housing. Our unique frames are delivered pre-cut, pre-holed, pre-punched, and pre-sorted, making it the most cost effective and builder efficient construction system in the market today.

Sample House Completion Time Comparison
Conventional VS. Steel Framing

Sample Cost Comparison
Conventional VS. Steel Framing